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Do you remember this Yearbook?

It is Edition 18, the last Issue to be Published prior to the closure of Nutwood UK Limited. Now hopelessly out of date. Not for long?

EMC Perpetual Product Finder... Launched online May 2018

But it is a lot more than just a Product Finder. It will be the portal for the EMC Fraternity, providing Networking, Marketing communications, New Product & News stories. Technical Articles, Standards all free to the reader.It should never be out of date.

The EMC Perpetual Product Finder is produced by Alan E Hutley, CEO of EMCIA and founder of Nutwood UK Ltd, The EMC Journal, EMCUK, EMCIA, EMC Academy. EMC Yearbook 1995-2013. Now trading as EMC Nutwood.             

The EMC Perpetual Product Finder presents some great Marketing Communication opportunities, if you would like to discuss or have any other queries please contact Alan Warner.  Alan runs the Southern Region Compliance Group,and is President of the EMC Industry Association (EMCIA). The two Alan's are working in close co-opration on this project. Alan Warner can be contacted on aws-emc(AT)



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