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SRCG Meeting 26th February 2019


SRCG Meeting Program Tuesday 26th February 2019

Hosted by Cove Industrial Enterprises Ltd

09-20 Registration and Coffee

09-45 Welcome to the SRCG Meeting Alan Warner - SRCG

09-50 Welcome by Cove Industrial Enterprises Ltd
Miles Adams – Operations Manager – Electronics Division

10-00 An Approach to Testing Complex Systems
Professor Ian MacDiarmid – Liverpool University

10-45 EMC Vs AMS Testing
The overlap of EMC Testing and Antenna Measurement Testing Paul Duxbury – Rainford EMC/MVG

11-30 to 11-45 Coffee Break

11-45 “Global Market Access” Software Solutions John Parnell – Mootech Ltd

12-30 EMC for Audio Equipment & Systems Anthony Waldron – Audio EMC

13-15 Buffet Lunch

14-00 Tour of Cove facilities if available.

Location 18 Invincible Road
GU14 7QU

Tel No 01252 512919

Map & directions on

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